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Brevard County, Florida: Airbnb Vacation Rentals Short-term rentals | Palm Bay, Melbourne, & Cocoa

If you're looking to invest in Florida, I recommend coming over to Brevard County. As an investor it's one of my favorite "holes in the wall".

Brevard county while not known as much has become an investor favorite because of it's functionality and affordable prices. If you're wanting a property here, feel free to reach out because I can help you: get a lender, select a property to purchase, manage/stabilize it for you, and more. Call/text 201-952-4665

Please see my updated videos for more info.

The best places to go for short-term & more creative rentals in Brevard:

Palm Bay

Melbourne City

Melbourne Beach [restrictive, but possible]



The best places for long-term basic rentals in Brevard:

Palm Bay



Melbourne [everywhere]



**Basically all of Brevard county is good for basic long-term rentals**


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