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Real Estate Investing "REI"

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We specialize in helping investors (new and seasoned) with purchasing, managing, leasing, stabilizing, analyzing, exchanging, & selling their properties. Our favorite investments are Multifamily STR LTR Hybrid, Corporate Housing, Business Purchases, Airbnb, VRBO, Short-Stay Lodging, Motel/Hotel, Short-Term Rentals, New Construction, Seasonal or Secondary, Furnished Housing, & Vacation rentals.

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Passive Investment.

We are a full-service brokerage and property management company that can do as much or as little as our clients need. We offer customized packages to help leverage investments to their most profitable potential possible. ​We are also founded by investors, so we run investments as if they were our own. Sometimes our clients have said that they forgot they had their investment property until their check hit their account or they were alerted of a repair, maintenance, or upgrade. We can help you create the most passive investment possible with local expert knowledge and experience.

Mother and Daughter Love


We understand how difficult it is to trust a company, and that's why we've made our company the way we have. We were once in our clients and customer's shoes. We believe that trust is the number one priority in business. With trust our clients and customers can expect full honesty all the time. If we see a negative occurring in an investment, we will advise immediately. ​If your investment is doing great - you'll receive praise. We want your investments to make as much money as possible. When you're successful, we're successful, and from there we become unstoppable. Additionally, you can rely upon us to be there at all times. If you're going through something relative to your property, we are there with you to work through it. We aren't attorneys, so we can't get into legalities, but we will be with you through it all. You can express yourself and count on us to be there for everything. We are always there for all the ups and downs.

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Our company has spent time, money, and energy diving into the local Brevard County zoning to understand how to discover the best location. A lot of property owners are not aware of what their zonings permit. We assist upon written request our commercial and residential buyers on helping identify the correct zonings for their business, investment, and possible value add future developments.

Buying a House


We are also intertwined with commercial and residential lenders and builders able to assist with acquisitions, creative loan products, and investment analysis. Our 3rd party preferred investment lenders are trained and experienced to not lend on negative cashflow deals. They will not allow us or our clients to enter into investments that would bottom line or sink ship. 


Family Focused.

At Elite Class Property Management & Real Estate Company we are a family friendly, and family focused real estate brokerage. We want you to include your family in your real estate investments and we will even help them learn and stay involved. 

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