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Investor Mentorship

When selecting a property management company it's important to ensure that you are going with a company that you connect with and trust. At first class property management & real estate company, we treat every investment as if it was our very own. 

The Basics

We will personally help teach new aspiring investors on how to leverage real estate to their advantage. 

Exit Strategies

We help investors create exit strategies in order to better mitigate their risks. 

Investment Types

We'll help you select the right form of investment for you. You don't just need to be a standard basic landlord, maybe you want to give back to the world and make money doing it. Maybe you want to be the most talked about AIRBNB owner in Florida. Whatever your goals are we got you covered statewide. As investors we are aware of many avenues available and we will help educate you and navigate the processes with you.

Property & Location Selection

We help investors select their ideal investment properties.

Investment Analysis

When it comes to an investment property you will need to understand the abbreviations, calculations, and so on. Understanding this will help you become a more successful investor. We help you in analyzing your gains and losses, so we can help navigate them in the future. 

Risk Assumption & Management

We help you understand the risks associated with being an investor and how to manage/plan for them.


We have a referral network of private and public capital that we trust. Our mentees get the benefit of immediate access into our network.

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